Getting started with Clym

Steps you need to take to activate compliance on your website and operate your account

Welcome to Clym! Keeping your website compliant with data privacy laws around the globe is progressively more important every day. Clym's goal is to provide you with a solution that provides a trouble free experience.

The sections below will provide you with simple starting points to:

To get an overview of the Clym platform and its benefits, review this dedicated article.


Create an account

To get started, you will first need to have an account with Clym. Depending on the account type, this can be done either directly by self registering, by us or through a partner. Read the article about the types of accounts in Clym to get started.



To get started, please review our installation process overview article or select the platform your website runs on. If your website does not run on one of the platforms listed below or runs on a custom platform, you can follow the instructions found on this page.


Please contact on us if you are using a different platform and we'll be happy to create a dedicated guide for that.




Once you have activated Clym widget and the footer links, you can further customize the following:

  • Clym widget - review widget setup based on users' locations
  • Scripts & cookies - add or remove third party scripts and cookies
  • Legal documents - manage legal documents such as privacy and cookie policies, terms of service, etc.
  • Data subject requests - set up notifications and flows
  • Data processors - manage your data processors
  • Company data - manage company data
  • Languages - select the languages you would like the content to be displayed in and adjust translation



The following group of guides walk you through the basics of day to day operations:

  • Insights - review consents and profiles created
  • Data subject requests - review and manage your data subjects' requests
  • Manage access - manage users access to your account
  • Domains - add or remove top level domains
  • My account - manage your personal data and security settings
  • Billing - review your invoices and manage payment methods


Please note, if you come across any challenges, you can reach out to us via chat or email us at