Installation process overview

Steps to take to install Clym's widget onto your website

When you join Clym, you will receive 3 different embed codes that will need to be placed on your website. The first embed code for the Clym widget itself needs to be placed in the head section of your website, above any other scripts that you have running, for these scripts to be detected by Clym. Additionally, you will receive two footer link embed codes, one for Privacy Center, and one for Do not sell or share my personal information. These links will allow any website visitor to be able to open your Clym widget, directly to these sections. These must be added to your website to ensure you remain compliant with data privacy laws where this may be a requirement. Installing Clym's widget will help facilitate compliance on your website with several data privacy and accessibility laws around the globe.


Implementing Clym is a simple 3-step process:

  • Copy the scripts and links you have received via email
  • Paste them into your website
  • Verify the installation

If you would like to learn more about Clym’s main features and benefits before installing, please visit our website for more information. If you are working with a web developer or webmaster and prefer them to install Clym on your behalf, please forward them the email you received which includes the scripts and links that need to be placed on your website. 


To get started, please select the platform your website runs on. If your website does not run on one of the platforms listed below or runs on a custom platform, you can follow the instructions found on this page.


If you encounter any challenges, please reach out to us at