Types of accounts

Learn what type of accounts Clym offers and how to get one

To get started with Clym and activate website compliance you will need an account. Depending on your needs and if you are referred by a partner or created the account directly with us, you can get one of the following types of accounts:

Self-Served Accounts

These types of accounts are created online by following our 2 step registration process.

Once you register, you will receive via email the "Clym privacy widget" code and the links for "Privacy center" and "Do not sell my personal information" that you will have to add into your website. To learn more about how to install Clym, please review our Installation process overview article. You will also receive a magic link to authenticate and access your Clym account. 

You have full control on your data privacy settings and no limitations in terms of functionality. You will also have to self manage your billing information and subscription plan. To learn more on how to customize and operate your Clym account read our Quick overview article that will guide you to the area that you would like to manage.

Full-Service Accounts

With a full-service account, you get one of our data privacy experts working alongside your personnel to install, customize and operate your account. Our deep data privacy expertise and clear process will ensure you always have the right settings in place and that your sites deploys the Clym privacy widget correctly. 

To get started with such an account please select the "Enterprise" plan under the pricing page or contact us directly. 

Group Accounts

These accounts are created in bulk by one of our partners. As they create the account in your name, you will:

  • either receive an invitation email that contains the code you need to add to your site to get compliant and an invite to authenticate and access your Clym account. Please follow this guideline to install Clym into your website. 
  • or, in case of technology partners that provide the integration services and automatically insert the "Clym privacy widget" code and "Privacy center" & "Do not sell my personal information" links into your website, you will receive an invitation to authenticate and access your Clym account.

Once you have logged into your Clym account, you can further customize and operate it. Read our Quick overview article to get started.

All billing aspects related to your access to such an account are handled through our partner.


Please note, if you come across any challenges, you can reach out to us via chat or email us at support@clym.io.