Clym platform overview

Get a quick overview of the Clym platform features and its benefits

Every month, data privacy and accessibility regulations are being introduced into law or amended - all of which affect your website(s). Keeping up with different regulations and adapting your websites to comply with them takes time and deep data privacy and accessibility knowledge. Eventually, this may affect your organization and / or you face the risk of paying hefty fines.

Clym’s enables companies and organizations to easily manage their data privacy and accessibility compliance needs in a cost-effective and scalable manner. The video below presents Clym's key features and benefits.

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Main features

Clym provides the right tools and a swift onboarding experience, so you can stay compliant and focus on growing your business:

1. Cookie Consent Management

The vast majority of websites use scripts and cookies to collect visitor data. Clym helps you stay protected against data privacy regulation violations by leveraging our flexible and intuitive platform

2. Accessibility

Clym helps to make your website content more easily accessible for all of your website visitors. Users can choose from one of several pre-configured disability profiles, or apply their own individual content, color, or navigation adjustments to your website so that it is more easily readable.

3. Data Subject Requests

Clym's platform helps you save your employees hundreds of hours of compliance time by creating a timestamped, audit-ready and scalable workflow to accommodate consumer access requests.

4. Document/Policy Management

A changing regulatory landscape requires companies to regularly update their policies. Using Clym's tool you can timestamp each modification and centrally manage each policy, with version control functionality, in order to demonstrate your company’s evolution within the context of data privacy compliance.

Customer benefits

Clym is an audit ready system that offers you a swift onboarding experience and extensive flexibility in terms of regulations, localizations and UI.

1. Seamless integration

Intuitive onboarding makes compliance easy for Clym’s customers. Clym’s solution can get merchant websites compliant with little effort.

2. Adaptability & Geofencing

Clym's platform continuously reviews and identifies any new scripts that are added or updated and applies the appropriate compliance regulation based on the end customer's location.

3. Audit ready

Clym’s time-stamped consent receipts and workflows enable companies to prove compliance to regulators and others enforcing authorities.

4. Clean design

Use your branding (optional) and Clym’s flexible UI to reduce friction and seamlessly integrate compliance into your website visitors' experience.


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