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Data Subject Requests Overview

Overview of the Data Subject Requests area of your Clym portal

Under several different laws, users from various regions have the right to submit a data subject request, or a DSR, to your organization. Depending on regulation, users have the right to submit different types of requests, such as a Data Access Request, which asks your organization what data you have on that user, or a Data Erasure Request, which asks your organization to erase any data that you have on that user that is not essential for the function of your website.
To ensure you remain compliant, it is important that your organization responds to these requests in a timely manner. Each regulation has different requirements for how long your organization has to handle requests. Clym's admin portal allows you to view, manage, and respond to your requests all in one place.

If you would like to learn more about Clym’s main features and benefits before installing, you can read this dedicated article. If you are working with a web developer or webmaster and prefer them to install Clym on your behalf, please forward them the email you received which includes the scripts and links that need to be placed on your website. 



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