Consents Overview

Overview of the Consents area of your Clym portal

If you have any website visitors who access your website from a country or region where they are covered by a regulation such as GDPR, CPRA, or LGPD, you are required to collect their consent for certain cookies and scripts to be used. Failure to do so might result in non-compliance with these regulations. That is why Clym not only allows users to manage their consent preferences, but also gives your organization the necessary tools to view consent receipts and more.
The Consents area of the Clym portal will allow you to manage all of the consents that your website has received from your users in one convenient location. To get the most out of the Consents area of your dashboard, view the articles below for more information.

If you would like to learn more about Clym’s main features and benefits before installing, you can read this dedicated article. If you are working with a web developer or webmaster and would like them to install Clym on your behalf, please forward them the email you received from Clym, which includes your custom embed codes.


Managing your consents is quick and easy:

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