How to install Clym on a WordPress website using the Clym Compliance plugin

Step-by-step guide for installing Clym on your WordPress website using the Clym Plugin

Here’s a quick 2-minute video showing you how to install Clym’s compliance widget onto your website. Below the video, you will also find step-by-step instructions in written form. If you feel this is a task better suited for your webmaster or developer, please send them this link, along with the email instructions you received from Clym.


Before you get started, make sure you have registered for an account with Clym. After installing the Clym plugin, you will need to sign into your Clym account through WordPress.


1. Register for Clym

Before you can use the Clym plugin inside of WordPress, you will first need to register for Clym. To register, please go to and click register in the top right-hand corner, or click here to create an account.




2. Add the Clym Compliance plugin to your WordPress site

Please sign into your WordPress website.  Find Plugins from the left-hand side navigation bar and select Add New. Search for Clym Compliance.


Click Install and Activate.




3. Start setup with your Clym account

In your WordPress dashboard, click Clym Compliance in the left-side navigation menu. In the window, click Start Setup
Please verify the email address associated with your Clym account and your website's domain. Click Send Code. You will receive an automatic email from Clym containing a 6-digit confirmation code. Please enter your custom code into the pop-up window that appears in your WordPress account and click Verify Code.



You're all set! Clym's widget will now display on your website based on how you set up your widget layout.


Please note that based on your geolocation, you may not see the privacy widget.  To view Clym on your site, scroll to the footer of your website and click Privacy Center or Do not sell or share my personal information to open the widget. View more ways to verify the installation here


If you encounter any challenges, please reach out to us at