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How to view your DSAR workflows?

Read below how to view your DSARs to find out more about what it all means for you.

Go to https://app.clym.io/


To view the DSARs you received, navigate to the Properties tab, select the property you wish to check, if you have several setup on the platform, and then go to Requests.


Over here you will see all the requests submitted, as well as details such as the name of the person that sent the request, the channel via which the request was sent, country, status of request and so on. 


Once a DSAR is sent, the person that sent the request will receive an automated email asking them to verify the request. Until they do this, the request will show as Pending and will not be editable.


If you click on an open request, the first thing you will see is the Overview, outlining the workflow setup for this type of request, as well as the responsible person(s) for each subtask. You need to set this up beforehand if you know where the personal information of your website visitors can be located so that once you start receiving DSARs it will be much faster to solve and close them. Our platform will not do this automatically. 


The next tab shows you all the subtasks for the process where you can either see each step of the main task or change their status from Open to In Progress or Closed one by one by navigating to the Details section. 


Under the Messages tab you will see all the messages exchanged between the person who sent the request and yourself. We recommend replying to every DSAR from within our system where everything is timestamped for accurate data keeping, traceability and audit purposes. 

Last but not least, the Timeline tab shows you the actual timeline of the request from its creation all the way to its being closed.