How to configure Opt-in/Opt-out settings for Cookies & Scripts?

By default, we set these settings up for GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and Global, but you can change these settings as per the State or Country of your choice. Here's how:

Go to


Once the cookies and the 3rd party scripts have been added to your property, you can change whether these cookies should run or ask for consent before running based on categories.


If you have a custom script or cookie that is necessary to run in order for your website to function, you can categorise those as essential, therefore, they will always run and the visitor will not have the option to opt-out.


Go to Dashboard, select the Property you wish to configure this for, and click on Widget.


Select the country you wish to set this up for and in the popup window go to the Cookies tab.


Choose which cookies have to be Opt-in and which Opt-out.


For a step by step, here's a video: