How to enable accessibility on your widget

Steps to take to turn on accessibility features in your Clym widget for your website visitors

Please note that accessibility should automatically be enabled within your account. The steps below can direct you to where you can toggle Accessibility on/off.

Accessibility should be enabled by default within your account. If it is disabled for any reason, you can easily toggle this functionality to be on. Turning on accessibility allows you to provide access to your website's content to a wider audience, regardless of their needs or preferences.

Enabling accessibility is an easy 3-step process:



1. Sign in to your Clym Portal

You should have received a magic link in your initial onboarding email. Please click Sign in from the email to get started. Alternatively, navigate to Clym's home page and click on Sign in in the upper right-hand corner. 

Screenshot 2024-06-20 at 8.10.49 PM




2. Open your Website Settings

From the left side menu, select Website Settings. From here, you will see a list of all your domains, each with its unique settings.

Website Settings Information 1

Click the settings wheel next to the domain that you would like to change the default language for. This will open the website settings for that specific domain.

Website Settings Information 2




3. Enable Accessibility

From the menu options, open the Settings section and expand the Widget settings. Toggle Accessibility on.

accessbility 1

If you encounter any challenges, please reach out to us at