How to edit your company details

Steps you need to take to edit your company's information within Clym

No need to worry if your company name, domain, contact email, address, or other information related to your account changes - Clym makes it easy to make changes to your company details at any time. Managing your organization's information is a simple 3-step process:


1. Log into the Clym admin

You should have received a magic link in your initial onboarding email. Please click Sign in from the email to get started. Alternatively, navigate to Clym's home page and click on Sign in in the upper right-hand corner. 


2. Open your company details page

Navigate to the Company menu option on the left-hand side.


3. Edit your company's information

Fill out the available fields that you would like to add information for, such as company name, company domain, main contact email, phone number, and address. Click Save. Your organization's information will now be updated and will display in your admin dashboard, and within your Clym widget as applicable.


Please note, if you come across any challenges, you can reach out to us via chat or email us at