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How to build a workflow for your DSARs?

Here's how you can build a workflow for each type of Data Subject Access Request.

Go to https://app.clym.io/


In order to build a workflow, navigate to the Requests section on the left hand side and then in the upper right hand side click on REQUEST WORKFLOWS

You will see here multiple processes relating to compliance already built in and for each one you will have the option to create a workflow.

Choose the Process you wish to work on, for example Data portability, then click on the + sign in the upper part of your screen, add a name for your sub-workflow and click on Add

Next click on the sub-workflow you just added and either add a sub-workflow to it following the same steps as before, or go to Details where you can rename it, add a short description,  assign a workflow responsible, or delete it altogether.

You can do the same for each part of the main task, by adding sub-workflows stemming one from another until your workflow is complete. 

You can assign different people to different sub-workflows, depending on who is in charge of which part or the DSAR. In order to do that, go to the Access tab on the left hand side and click on Add User.

Keep in mind that any DSAR sent for Data portability before you set up the workflow will not have all the sub-workflows you just created, it will simply show one main task called Data portability which you can close once it’s resolved.