Footer links for "Privacy policy" and "Do not sell my personal information" 

Learn about footer links and their usage

In this article we will cover the following:

  1. What are footer links?
  2. How do they look like?
  3. How can you get them?
  4. Where do I need to place them?


What are footer links?

Clym provides specific links for users to be able to access the Clym privacy widget in case the widget is not automatically displayed. The following direct links are provided:

  • Privacy center. This allows users coming from jurisdictions that do not require prior consent to access Clym's privacy widget and change their data privacy preferences, review your privacy policy or other legal documents and exercise their data privacy rights.
  • Do not sell my personal information. This link allows customers coming from California to quickly submit a "Do not sell my personal information" request. Having this on your website is a legal requirement as long as you are serving customers coming from California, Unites States of America.


How do they look like?

The links will have the following formats:


The link for the "Privacy center"

<a href="#" onclick="Clym.showWidget('', '', event);">Privacy Center</a>


The link for "Do not sell my personal information"

<a href="#" 
onclick="Clym.showWidget('/requests/new/do_not_sell_my_information', '', event);
">Do not sell my personal information</a>

Note that these are sample codes. DO NOT COPY from here. When used on your website it will need to be copied from your email / Clym Admin account. This includes specific parameters for your website.

When trying to add them to your website, please copy & paste them individually. 


How can I get them?

There are two ways to get the script:

Getting the code from your email

The welcome email you receive from us will include the "Privacy center" and "Do not sell my personal information" links that you can copy.

If you are working with a web developer, forward the email including the scripts and links you have received and the link to the article Installation process overview.


Getting the code from Clym Admin portal

To get the code from Clym Admin portal, please follow the steps:

1. Log into Clym Admin portal 

Please view this dedicated article in case you have questions about the authentication process.


2. Select Property (ie. domain)

Navigate to the Properties menu item and select the domain for which you would like to get the Clym privacy widget code.


3. Select Widget > Embed

In the new property window that opens for the selected domain (ie. property), select "Widget" from the left menu and then "Embed" from the upper right corner.

4. Copy the links

Use the "Copy" button provided to copy the "Privacy center" and "Do not sell my personal information" links one by one. 


Where do I need to place them?

As the name suggests, these footer links will most probably go into the footer of your website. While there's no strong requirement to have them there, it is considered a best practice (as you need to make them easily accessible to your customer during their entire navigation experience throughout your website). 

To read more about how to add them to your website, please select the platform your website runs on. If your website does not run on one of the platforms listed below or runs on a custom platform, you can follow the instructions found on this page:


Please note, if you come across any challenges, you can reach out to us via chat or email us at